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Managing non-payment risk

The local market is considered a medium risk area (rating B) regarding the non-payment of medium-term debt by the companies according to the global specialists’ classifications. The minimization of the risk of failure of payment of debts, the management of the recovered assets, as well as the monitoring of the additional penalties imposed by the contracted payment terms, all can be streamlined with the CRM systems auxiliary solutions such as the Collection module.


Using the Collection solution, you can effectively manage the collection of debts from customers, optimizing the repossession processes. The application optimally and prioritizes debt recovery efforts, ensuring maximum operational and financial efficiency.

Business aspects that you can manage with Collection:

Automate specific flows
You can search and treat each client according to specific criteria, using payment history and send automatic messages with outstanding invoices.
Optimize customer details
You can easily track clients and their activities from the communication history with them until the automatic assignment of reminders and notifications for specific actions.
You focus on improving the cash flow
Configure the communication according to the debt recovery possibilities and your specific cash flow needs.

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