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The volume of contractual data is increasing

As the volume of activity increases, contract management can become a challenge and the traditional record with the help of the Office suite and electronic archiving can become time consuming, creating the premises of costly errors.
Also, in the case of managing complex service contracts in terms of component and deadlines – in which every detail matters and which involves hierarchical levels of review and approval – a solution is needed that can streamline the entire process.


Using the Contract Management module you can extend the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution in new directions to manage the entire life cycle of contracts and associated transactions – from creation, approval and management.
We can help you identify specific elements you want to automate and then we customize a solution that meets your needs without changing and adapting to the specific processes of your company and area of activity.

Business aspects that we help you manage with Contract Management:

Integrate DocuSign
Quick and secure electronic signature directly from the CRM platform.
Easy management of all the data related to the company’s clients and the contractual clauses signed with them.
You can set and use contract templates, minimize wasted time searching for the right formats.
Billing without errors 
By integrating with the ERP software, the billing process runs according to signed contracts, without errors.

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