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Digital transformation in modern retail

Modern technology, simple and truly efficient computer tools are absolutely necessary today. The retail and distribution companies must constantly increase their operational efficiency, to monitor and improve the processes of sales, delivery, storage, supply and cash flow.


Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, Retail and Distribution companies can adapt their strategy in real time, taking into account the specific information about their clients and their needs. Dynamics CRM is a platform capable of providing the interconnected information that can allow the maximum efficiency of the operational flows from several departments of the company.

Business aspects that CRM Retail and distribution help you manage:

CLIENTS Individual client or company
PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Full details on them and their history
SERVICES CATALOG Services and conditions of sale or warrantee
COLLABORATORS Partner companies
MARKETING Identifying the right products and services for each client and creating e-mail marketing campaigns for each stage of the information process. Automation of retention processes and increasing customer loyalty as well as maximizing the sale of complementary products and services or renewing contracts
SALES The process of trading on pre-determined levels according to the matrix of commercial conditions
CUSTOMER SUPPORT Task automation – follow-up e-mails or SMS, support management and complaints
SALES Sales team throughout the structure / lines of business
MARKETING Marketing team
CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customer support team and Back-office team

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