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Integrated platform for managing the entire sales process.

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Great challenges, great opportunities

The activity of selling is today a very dynamic and complex process. We talk about large volumes of information, customer bases, along with extensive possibilities of choice and mobility of activities. As a result, the purchasing process is more complicated than ever, with more informed, independent and experienced consumers.

67% of the time during the sales representatives is allocated to non-sales activities
57% of customers make purchasing decisions before making any contact with suppliers
70% of sales people consider their activity very complex

What does this mean for you and your business?

In this increasingly digitalized and competitive environment, your customer experience is the one that really adds value to your products and services. Under these conditions, the key to medium and long term success in today’s business environment is a CRM solution for automating the current activities of the sales team to allow them to focus on developing and building customer relationships.

Why manage your sales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Sales?

Prioritizing Leads 
Prospects and builds qualified sales pipeline using predictive intelligence for optimal conversion.
Risk and benefit analysis
Determine the advantages and disadvantages of each business to calculate your next step and ensure that you are selling to the right customer at the right time.
Product recommendations
Maximize opportunities with cross selling recommendations
tailored to the needs of your clients.

Understanding each client
You interact better with customers based on real-time analytics.

Use Social Media
Share, find and connect with people and companies on Social Media to generate new leads.
Capitalize information
Authorize your sales people to deliver value using available data.
Collaborative content
Minimizes the time lost by the sales team for searching and creating custom sales documents.
The sale process
Optimize your sales efforts and rely on each step to automate processes derived from best selling practices in the field.
Opportunity management 
Classifies leads and generates sales quickly with the help of connected market information, news, events.
Sell fast, wherever you are, even offline, with Dynamics CRM mobile applications. In addition, you can use from voice commands up to attaching photos.
Customer focus
It encourages stronger relationships between the sales team and customers, facilitating personalized communication.
Partner management
Select, develop and strengthen your partnerships through closer interactions and more profitable activities.
Track performance
Prospects and builds a performance system using predictive intelligence for optimal conversion.
Analyze the risks and benefits
Determine the pros and cons that help you achieve the desired performance in each business.
Suitable products
Maximize opportunities through products tailored to the needs of your customers.
Customers satisfied
Interact better with customers and you will get the performance.

Benefits of Company Members


With an overview of the sales activities, the Executive Director will better observe the state of the company, also obtaining very accurate estimates. With CRM system that helps eliminate errors and provides a secure storage environment, the company will be able to reduce long-term expenses.


By carefully observing the sales activities and the performances of the sales representatives in the CRM platform, the sales manager can determine the behaviors of the customers and their interactions with the company. By identifying and setting metric data & performance indicators, the sales manager can easily manage any critical situation, having the possibility to analyze complex data through efficient business solutions.


The Dynamics 365 CRM Sales platform offers to the sales team unlimited access to customer information, such as the communication archive or the purchased products. This represents a guaranteed advantage for the team – through CRM solutions the representatives will know when and why to contact the clients, increasing the chances of achieving a sale.

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