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Great challenges, great opportunities

Difficult to find and even more difficult to retain them in the company, talented people are a vital part of a successful business. HR departments are constantly challenged in distinct areas – whether it’s about finding the people with the necessary skills and expertise, or whether it’s the level of employee involvement or the low staff retention rates.

79% of companies have the main priority to maintain a high level of employee involvement
68% of companies admit that it is a challenge to find and retain specialized employees
More than 58% of the human resources staff working time is allocated to tasks and centralization of information in one place.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Under these conditions, the key to medium and long term success in today’s business environment is a CRM solution for automating current HR activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent provides the human resources team with all the tools they need to attract, develop and retain staff.

Why manage your HR processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent?

LinkedIn Integration
You can search for the right staff directly through LinkedIn, send invitations via calendar, arrange interviews and manage feedback based on them – all in one place.
Hiring the right staff faster
You personalize your recruitment process and easily convey the information of candidates with the recruitment team through Dynamics 365 for Talent, but also through LinkedIn Talent Solutions.
Easy familiarization
With Dynamics 365 for Talent, you can create familiarization templates for all new employees, keeping them interested from day one.
Adapt the recruitment process
Set up stages and activities in the recruitment process or create and publish available positions according to your needs.
You maximize the strategic impact
You can automate routine HR aspects – benefits, compensation, vacation leave – to increase business impact.
You get the right information for you to act appropriately in the planning of available human resources.
Human Resources Management 
Key processes include working day planning, budget planning, benefit management, employee presence, leave and activity management.
Easy evidence of  holidays
Defines rules for holidays and holidays, including flexible dates and regulations applicable in the related periods.
Preparing employees for success
Ensure that employees have well-defined roles, goals and responsibilities to help them focus on priorities.
Quick integration of new employees 
You help your employees get used to the new job with the help of location maps, transport options and appropriate socialization opportunities or evaluate their performance indicators at any point.
Increases team performance
Observe real-time performance and monitor goals achieved with performance logs, real-time feedback and goal management.
Career plans
You can provide feedback based on collective performance based on active goals, creating career guidance guides.
Personnel analysis
All the necessary information in one place – from compensation to competence, and to rest, through Power BI reports.
Centralize the data
Integrate Dynamics 365 Talent, applications of your partners and the systems you already use in a unitary platform.
Improves communication, collaboration and response time with secure access to personal data on any mobile device.
Get digitalized 
Minimizes the security risk involved in the effort of collecting, storing and accessing the personal data needed in HR processes.

Benefits of Company Members


With an overview of the sales activities, the Executive Director will better observe the company, also obtaining more accurate estimates. With CRM system eliminate errors and provides a secure storage environment, the company will ultimately be able to reduce long-term expenses.


By carefully observing the sales activities and the performances of the sales representatives in the CRM platform, the sales manager can determine the behaviors of the customers and their interactions with the company. By identifying and setting metric data and performance indicators, the sales manager can easily manage any critical situation, having the possibility to analyze complex data through efficient business solutions.


The Dynamics 365 CRM Sales platform offers to the sales team unlimited access to customer information, such as the communication archive or the purchased products. This represents a guaranteed advantage for the team – through CRM solutions, the representatives will know when to contact the clients and for what purpose, increasing the chances of achieving a sale.

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